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TM Custom 500SL Tenor Saxophone

This is the latest generation of the TM Custom tenors developed over the last several years by Randy Jones. These tenors are meant to be a viable modern alternative to the fabled vintage Selmers.

TM Custom "The Session" Tenor Saxophone

After 10 years of producing and refining the TM Custom 500SL, we have developed another tenor saxophone as it's compliment, the TM Custom “Session”. The goal of stellar intonation, clean articulation and fast response is always at the forefront, but the core sound and feel of the “Session” is vastly different from the 500SL.

TM Custom Baritone Saxophone

The TM Custom Baritone Saxophone, the newest addition to our TM Custom Saxophone line, was a venture of combining SOUND and budget. As the prices of baritones keep climbing, many $10k and above, we want to offer something more affordable without sacrificing build quality or tone!

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I am playing the Tenor Madness Custom tenor because I LOVE THE HORN! The Tone is easily, in my opinion, the best of any new tenor on the market… The scale of the horn is the best I have ever played on the tenor- period! It’s a player’s dream to be able to talk to the creator of the instrument on any given day and discuss options or make suggestions.

-Doug Lawrence (Lead Tenor, Count Basie Orchestra)

This amount of significant musical progress has not happened to me in MANY years. I am using your medium bore "Balanced Action" styled neck to great effect. [This neck] has improved my resonance, interpretation and usage of my altissimo range. Thank you so much for a world-class instrument and consumer experience.

- Erik Clarke

As soon as I picked it up, I knew it was something special. What a sound! TM Custom is the best horn for me.

-Matt Parker (Postermodern Jukebox, Matt Parker Trio)

…I kissed my Yamaha 82Z goodbye and took home an unlacquered TM tenor sax!! It is by far one of the most responsive, best playing tenors I've ever had in my hands. I've owned Selmers, Yamahas, vintage and new, and NOTHING beats this...especially the low end...and the altissimo is effortless.  I don’t know what you do with these horns, but it's nothing short of magic. I have been spreading the word throughout the area, and have been giving my personal endorsement. Kudos man...these horns are FANTASTIC.

- Shadi Frick

I initially played TM tenors when I was shopping for a new horn at KB Saxophone Services in NYC.  Kim has a terrific selection of both new and vintage horns, and I settled on a TM 500SL Custom tenor, unlacquered with a silver-plated neck.  I immediately appreciated its clean action, tonal uniformity, and effortless low register. The horn plays amazingly well - better than anything I've played before or since - and now I feel as though the only thing holding me back is my own limitations.  It's gratifying to know I have a horn that will help me grow as a player.

-Dr. James Spinazzola

Having tried many different horns over the years, from vintage to modern, I can say without reservation that Tenor Madness makes the finest saxophones I have ever played. On both the tenor and baritone saxes every aspect is carefully crafted, with outstanding workmanship. The response on these horns is second to none as they all produce an enormous sound, with flawless intonation throughout all registers, and an evenness of tone that is breathtaking. Truly, Tenor Madness makes a vastly superior product, and I urge any serious horn player to try one and find out firsthand.

-Bradley Stern

I was deeply impressed with Randy and everyone else I met when I visited the shop in February to purchase a new tenor—and floored when I played the TM Custom that the staff had set up for me to try. The TM Custom plays more in tune than any tenor I have tried to date, is remarkably flexible and quick, and has an immense range of dynamics, extended techniques, and timbral possibilities making it ideally suited to contemporary solo and chamber repertoire for the saxophone as well as playing in ensembles of all varieties. Randy and I spent several hours trying combinations of necks and bodies before choosing a set that I am thrilled to play everyday, and I was touched by his dedication to helping his customers find the best possible equipment for their needs.

- Joseph Connor

I think you really nailed it. The scale is even, the resistance is just right, there is a lot of headroom, the intonation is great, the key work is light and quick, the tone is resonant, warm, punchy, flexible and, really,  it just plain sings!! I started looking for a new horn after I recently tried a 87K mark 6 which i compared to my two other mark 6's. it was a killer horn. I then went on that 'vintage journey' trying to find the right horn. I played many Selmers of all types and vintages but I ultimately chose your horn.

- Michael Bard

Couldn’t be happier with my TM Custom. Jim and the rest of the crew were great to work with, and Randy adjusted the horn perfectly to my preferences. I’ve owned Mark VI, Mark VII, Buffet, Yamaha Custom Z, and P Mauriat tenors and the TM is by far my favorite.

-Ken Barhite

Lively, super responsive, and voiced in a really nice range... I simply think about the music... It's now so much easier to not only hear the sound with my ears, but also feel the sound in my body. The sound is alive and rings with clarity throughout the entire range. These truly amazing milestone in saxophone technology.

-Craig Handy (solo artist, Craig Handy and 2nd Line Smith

It’s so easy to play this horn. The gig went great and the horn performed magnificently. It’s truly a MVI-Conn Hybrid… all of the speed of the MVI with the flexibility of a Conn. There is not another horn out there like this.

-Bob Ackerman

I am just writing to say I received the TM Custom Horn. I wasn’t what I expected.  It was actually way more than I expected. I was stunned by the appearance. The Tm Custom really looks so beautiful and truly resembles a great vintage horn. When I played it, I did several double takes because it has the sound and character of the horns I love. It kind of reminds me of something between a Conn and a Selmer but with a modern feel. [The old Conn 10M I sold] had such a beautiful sound that the repairman to whom I sold it said I was making a big mistake.  All I can say is no I didn’t. I love the sound of this horn. The TM Custom has a distinct sound with beautiful color along with a tonal range that is flexible enough for me to use in a variety of musical settings. As Randy told me, he thought I would enjoy this horn and have fun with it. I am enjoying the horn and haven’t put it down since I got it.

-Ken Hawkins

Of course it has excellent intonation, great ergonomics, smooth response, even tone… of course, of course, of course… Here’s what I didn’t expect: This is a musical instrument of the highest level! It sings! It growls! It cries! I hoped that this horn would be a suitable back-up to my vintage Selmer tenor. Instead, this horn competes so favorably with my “go to” horn that it has caused me to question my horn investments!

-S-ankh Rasa

I am having a hard time choosing to play alto over my new Tenor Madness tenor! Thanks Jim, Randy, Shirley, Drew, and the rest of the staff for your wonderful hospitality and knowledge of the instrument. It was totally worth the drive to Iowa from Texas to try the wide array of horns you have to offer both your own professional line as well as so many others. This tenor sounds wonderful and is so much fun to play.

-Crystal Alexander-Duckett

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