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The TM Custom Bari Saxophone, the newest addition to our TM Custom Saxophone line, was aventure of combining SOUND and budget. As the prices of baritones keep climbing, many $10k and above, we want to offer something more affordable without sacrificing build quality or tone!


Keyed to low A, with one of the smoothest and most efficient low A mechanisms, an incredibly even timbre throughout the full range, superior and stable tuning in the lower and upper registers, and a core sound that doesn't have any unnecessary spread or buzz to it, the TM Custom Baritone saxophone is one of the top baritone saxophones on the market.


Each TM Custom Bari is composed of a special brass alloy that is unique to our shop, goes through a full TM Pro Setup and has each neck individually voiced to it. During the voicing process we remove unnecessary tension from the braces and keys to allow for maximum resonance and a rich, dark, complex sound.


Combine this design with our custom voicing and setup and the TM Custom Bari is one of the best options on the market today!

TM Custom Baritone Saxophone

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