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After 10 years of producing and refining the TM Custom 500SL, we have developed another tenor saxophone as it's compliment, the TM Custom “Session”. The goal of stellar intonation, clean articulation and fast response is always at the forefront, but the core sound and feel of the “Session” is vastly different from the 500SL. While the 500SL has rolled tone holes, a big, aggressive sound and is incredibly free blowing, the “Session” has straight tone holes, a tighter core, and a more lyrical voice. It's an homage to the 5 digit Selmers with TM's signature. Each and every “Session” goes through a custom build process that includes:
•leveling the tone holes by hand
•carefully fitting the keys
•affixing the bow to the body tube (not soldered like the 500SL, but still sealed to the body tube)
•relieving tension from critical points of the tube to allow for resonance
•adjustment material and corks are put on
•each neck is individually voiced to each horn
•the horn is then played by professional players and broken in for a period of 2 - 3 days. It is the tweaked to improve the setup

The custom build process is a large reason each and every saxophone plays at it's peak potential, but there are key differences between the models that are responsible for the differences in tone quality, core sound, and the “Session” takes air.

• Different tone hole dimensions than the 500SL
• Select brass composition
• Oversized resonators in select keys
• New ergonomics and hand placement
• Straight tone holes
• Completely different neck bores
• Available in cognac lacquer with high F# only

Along with one of the most even timbres of any modern saxophone, the “Session” is quickly becoming known for it's unparalleled altissimo register. If you want clarity and core to your sound without losing power or elegance, this is the saxophone for you.


Contact Randy to check current availability or to schedule an appointment to check one out!

TM Custom 500sl "Session" Tenor Saxophone - $4995.00

  • We cover all mechanical maintenance, parts and labor from normal wear and tear for 3 full years from purchase date.  You just have to get the horn to us!  We can help assist you with more affordable shipping labels if you are not in a position to get here physically.  It is recommended that once a year you have your horn checked up.  The warranty does NOT cover accidental damage or finish wear. If you have questions about the warranty, please email us.

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