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The TM Custom One Piece Flat Resonators were carefully beta tested with our trusted repair technician customers and carry on the tradition of development and dedication that created our TM Custom One Piece Domed Resonators. For the past decade, Tenor Madness has been dedicated to providing the highest quality resonator that repair technicians and musicians know they can count on. The growing list of technicians around the world recommending our resonators in every overhaul is a testament to the superiority of our product.


Each raw brass resonator is machined in Iowa to our exact specifications (the same as our domed), beautifully spun, and are one solid piece of brass for quality that lasts. These resonators will be the only resonator you will ever need!


Due to popular demand, these resonators now are available in nickel, silver, and gold plated options! At this time, these plated options are special order only and the process will take around 2 weeks to complete.


We have records of standard resonator sizes that have held true for the majority of our customers. However, oversized and custom sizing is also available at no extra charge! While material does matter, we have often found that the size of the resonator impacts the sound more greatly. We feel that our raw brass resonators in our standard sizing add a nice edge to the sound compared to the roundness of a plastic resonator. This can help balance and add power to an inherently dark saxophone.


See what repair technicians have to say:


"I truly think Tenor Madness offers the best metal screw back resonator of its kind.  I appreciate that the outer edge of the resonator is consistently level, and I can't say this about other popular metal screw-back resonators.  Using a warped resonator will distort any pad it is installed to, and I need not worry about this when using TM resonators. They are also machined from one solid piece, whereas some other manufacturers solder the threaded spud to the back. I have had soldered resonators occasionally come apart upon re-installation to a new pad, which leads me to my opinion that TM resonators are just a better investment.  In addition to their consistently superior quality, TM resonators are very reasonably priced, and I love that they now offer different plating options. Tenor Madness also has compiled a database of stock resonator sizes on common saxes, but I also appreciate that their personable staff will work with me in building resonator sets with sizes of my specifications. I love working with these resonators, as well as the great staff at Tenor Madness."

Will Peak

Woodwind Repair Specialist

Peak Performance Woodwinds--Kansas City, MO


"I love using and recommending Tenor Madness resonators. They are always high quality, available, and I get them really quickly. The team is always friendly and knowledgable. My customers love the extra response and tonal colors it adds to their horn too. As a tech, they are the easiest resonators to install!  I’ll always recommend them."

Steven Georges


"We use the solid brass resonators from Tenor Madness as our top-shelve choice in our overhauls - especially on Selmer Mark VI, SBA and Balanced Action horns. They are very similar to the sound and response of the original Selmer resonators: Well balanced, full bodied tone and a nice crisp attack."

Kim Bock

KB Saxophone Services

TM Custom One Piece Flat Brass Resonators -CALL TO ORDER

  • When you place your order, please add a note to your order or send a quick email to let us know the model of saxophone you are purchasing for as each make and model of saxophone has uniquely sized tone holes.


    Plating Options are special order only. There could be up to a 2-3 week delay for plating.

    • One piece, flat

    • Raw brass

    • Pip size: 3.5mm

    • Diameter Range: 5/16" - 1 5/8" (7.9mm - 41.3mm)

    • Based on the dimensions of vintage Selmer metal resonators

    • CNC machined here in Iowa to our specifications

    • Resusable without any solder joints

    • Includes a stainless steel screw and custom-made washer per resonator

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