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The famed New York Meyer mouthpiece is back for jj Babbitt's 100th anniversary! A favorite among players, this piece is the original NY and is a favorite among players. Allowing superb control and playability with its free-blowing nature, this mouthpiece will allow musicians of all levels achieve what they have been looking for!


Check out this amazing review by Steve Neff!


Player comments:


“They nailed it! I will probably retire my Vintage Meyer and switch to the NY.”


“Astonishing projection! Much more than any alto mouthpieces I have ever played.”


“It exemplifies the best characteristics of the unique Meyer sound and playing experience.”


“They’re centered, easy to control, vibrant, colorful, and flexible for a rich sub-tone in the low register and screaming lead alto in the upper register.”

Meyer New York Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

    • 5M     .071
    • 6M     .076
    • 7M     .081
    • 8M     .086

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