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The Luna is a completely hand made mouthpiece just like its sister The Aras.   It has the same heavy body, and wide beak ( which provides a more ergonomic feel). Where The Luna differs from The Aras is in its baffle construction. The Luna has a low rollover baffle design. It features a smooth Transition that leads into a very larger chamber.   The Luna has the same sound characteristics as the great jazz mouthpieces of the 1940's and 50's, but with greater projection and a more colorful presence.  The Luna has an amazing ability to blend within a section, or in a live combo setting. The Luna is the third brightest mouthpiece in our line-up, yet still holds the same level of versatility as The Aras and Katana.   The Luna has a polished table with sandblasted body and chamber.   Includes  Ligature and cap.



Arnold Montgomery The Luna Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, 7*