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The Westcoast Sax High Roller Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece displays a vibrant sound with plenty of fullness from top to bottom. You will find this mouthpiece extremely versatile and expressive. The High Roller is a great option for the saxophonist that appreciates precision control, projection, and a warmer contemporary sound. The High Roller Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece comes in a (gold or rhodium and gold plated finish) and equipped with responsive rails, rollover baffle, and medium chamber. Matt Lee personally designs each and every saxophone mouthpiece. All WC Sax mouthpieces are CNC Made with (5 Axis Technology) for consistency and accuracy. The High Roller is proudly made in the USA. Each mouthpiece is play tested and checked before shipment.


  • Mouthpiece Includes: H-Ligature and Cap

Westcoast Sax High Roller Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


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