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In celebration of their 100th anniversary, jj Babbitt has released the FL (Florida) Otto Link mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. Through several years of development, the new FL Otto Link blends skilled Babbitt craftsmanship and the input of professional musicians. The FL allows musicians to recapture the distinctive sound that they are looking for.


Here is what professionals say:


“A warm big sound throughout [its] range, yet with some edge, if I want it.”


“It is amazing!”


“These are the first current production pieces that truly recreate the best of the vintage mouthpiece sound…dark and powerful, with just the right amount of edge. I most appreciate how well the mouthpiece plays top to bottom, with great intonation and response.”


“The new FL Otto Link has a rich, warm sound, [plus] quick response and flexibility through the entire range of the horn.”

Otto Link Florida Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

    • 5*    .085
    • 6     .090
    • 6*    .095
    • 7     .100
    • 7*    .105
    • 8     .110

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