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Don’t let the Humistat Humidifier's small size fool you. This sleek humidifier easily fits into any case to provide protection and prevent damage to your valuable instrument. We currently carry the black, brown, and purple colors, but can special order the white, tan, and lilac as needed.


Our Humidifiers:

  • Simple to use, yet highly effective and reliable. They won’t leak.
  • Easily refillable. You can see the water level and know precisely when to add more.
  • Helps protect against warping, shrinkage, peeling, splitting, cracking, and costly repairs.
  • The only adjustable humidifiers sold anywhere.
  • Designed to last: Made from a clear polycarbonate used in construction and football helmets.
  • No refills to buy, no chemicals, gels, crystals, sponges, tubes, or chalk. Just water.

Humistat Humidifier for Wooden Instruments


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