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A mini blog of appreciation

This last weekend, Simon, Jimmy, and I were lucky enough to represent Tenor Madness at the North American Saxophone Alliance in Cincinnati, Ohio. We. Had. A. BLAST. It was such a loud, chaotic sort of fun that you can only have at a sax show. We met amazing people both at the show and in the city.

Ok... Maybe we had too much fun.

A group of high school students couldn't put our horns downs, we sent several musicians home with their dream horns, and we received a ton of praise for the work we've put into the TM Custom tenors. We found several new products designed by energetic geniuses that we can't wait to share with you! We met crazy cool repair people and swapped advice (and horror stories). And, most importantly, we found a killer coffee shop that gave us life every morning. :)

Ridiculously cool people, Simon working hard behind the booth, and Jimmy actually working.

The last couple of years were full of changes for Tenor Madness, but we really feel like us newbies are finally getting into the swing of it. Working with Randy, we've been initiating a lot of changes that have been in the idea stage for awhile. These shows are a great way to hear back from you guys and to learn what works and what doesn't. Show season is wrapping up, but we hope that you will stay in touch and keep helping us grow throughout the year. Can't wait to see you all next show season!

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