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Recently reexamined and improved, the Yamaha 82ZII Tenor saxophone is expressive, responsive, and controlled while still free-spirited. Yamaha continues to improve and update their technology and craftsmanship so that the Custom Z series can continue to grow and meet the needs of the highest level musicians.

Yamaha YTS-82zII Tenor Saxophone - $4899.99

    • One-piece bell with new engraving
      • Vintage-inspired one-piece bell improves low end response and a wider palette of tonal color
      • New engraving design is elaborately detailed and delicately beautiful
    • Metal resonator pad
      • Metal resonators offer outstanding response and wider dynamic range with clear and effortless playability
    • V1 neck
      • Wide bore taper provides a free-blowing feel and flexibility
    • Improved Low B-C# connection
      • Ensures low C# key closes consistently and low range responds clearly
    • Lighter thumb hook and thumb rest bases
      • Produces better response and cohesive tone
    • Adjustable Front F Key
      • Personalized level of resistance in altissimo range
    • Case
      • Lightweight case with shoulder strap