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The early SBA tenors are my personal favorite SBAs. I don't know why, but I have always like them. Probably because it's closer to a BA and those where always my favorite outside of a good VI. Anyway, the issue with them is normally that they have a shorter bell and tune pretty wicked sharp in the low register. Well ... this horn is a 35xxx and it has the long bell!  Pretty rare, but super cool. First off, the horn will need completely repadded / overhauled. The pads had mold on them so we took them out and cleaned/sanitized the entire horn. It is ready for a rebuild. It's a nice re-lacquer with the original serial numbered neck. Neck is in good shape and has no past repairs. The body tube is also in good shape and has only had minor repairs, mostly down by the bow. The pearls are pretty worn due to a lot of playing and would probably benefit from being replaced as well. Overall, you won't find a much better shell of an SBA. Contact Simon for more info.

Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 35xxx - SOLD

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