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The Mark VII altos are simply fantastic and should really be held in higher esteem. This one is original lacquer (near 98%), original neck, and in good structural condition overall. There are a few dents on the bow, there was some repair work done at the top of the tube, and some light scratching on the bell and the body tube. The tone is FANTASTIC!!! Really fat, on the darker side of the spectrum, with lots of punch and power. That's what I love about the VII's, the fact that they have the power of the VI's with a fatter sound, albeit slightly darker. The negative of this horn is that it was repadded a year or two ago and the job was not done to our standard. There are still a lot of mechanical issues that could be addressed so we are selling the horn as is. We can give you a quote on a full set up or a TM Pro Overhaul if interested. This horn is going to be fantastic, it just needs a little love to get there! Contact Simon for more information. 

Selmer Mark VII Alto Saxophone 299xxx - $2995.00

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