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SN: 155559


Fantastic horn that has been owned by a player his whole life. It has some good playing wear on it. It's orginal lacquer with about 50% of the horn as bare brass. He liked to keep it clean and would shine it, but that has contributed to the lacquer starting to chip off. There are a handful of solders and there have been past repairs, but nothing substantial. The best part about this horn is the fact that it was overhauled by TM less than a year ago with Pisoni pro pads and it is playing in top condition. He realized shortly after getting it that his playing days are unfortunately over due to health and age so we decided to buy it from him. Now it is ready for the next 20 years and a new owner. The sound is lush and fat with a nice center to it. It's not a bright horn, but it's not as dark as a typical 5 digit either. This horn is very versatile and really can do anything. That's the benefit of this serial range. I personally love the 145xxx - 160xxx horns and owned a 149xxx for a long time. I'd be glad to go over more details about this horn if you want. Contact Simon for more info.

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone w/ TM Pro Overhaul - 155xxx