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Price: $8995


SN: 144343


BEAUTIFUL is all I can say about this saxophone.  I will not let it be a secret anymore that the 140xxx - 150xxx range of Mark VI tenors is my personal favorite serial range!  The altos are quite special too, but I am just in LOVE with these tenors.  They have the perfect balance, for me, of color, punch, pop and lushness, all while taking air effortlessly yet being able to be pushed to the limit if need be. 


Ok ... done with the rant about this serial range and back to this horn.  This saxophone has been meticulously kept and stored.  It has 99+% of it's original lacquer.  No resolders or past damage.  The neck is original and perfect.  This one has the high F# key, which I also prefer now a days!


If we were to nit pick, I'd mention that it has some scratching on the back of the tube, a couple of tiny pings on the bell and a slight bit of acid bleed by the Eb key. All in all, you'll have to look really hard to find an example of a VI that is this nice.  


The horn has been maintained mechanically and the upper stack pads where replaced at some point, while the lower ones are still original to the saxophone.  Felts are original, but the neck cork has been replaced.  It does play up and down and has a GREAT sound, we would recommend either replacing the left over original pads and play conditioning it or fully restoring it for it to be in 100% playing shape, but it isn't necessary, we are just very picky with our saxes!  

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 144xxx - $8995

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