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The 140k - 150k serial range Mark VI's have been favored by alto players for a long time, but the tenors are finally starting to get the same recognition and for good reason. This was a fantastic era for Selmer! This specific horn is original lacquer,that has a dark patina on it. About 70% or more is remaining. Stucturally the horn is solid, but has had some minor past repairs, still has a small dent on the bow by the Eb key, and some other tiny pings. The neck has been repaired in the past. The horn was overhauled not too long ago in Japan and it has metal resonators. The horn is free blowing, leaning more on the focused side with more mid and high frequencies than low. It's a powerful tenor and is punchy as well. Due to sticky pads and some regulation issues Tenor Madness would recommend about $400 to $500 worth of setup to put this in top shape, but it is playable as is. Comes in a BAM Softpack case and with a 2nd medium bore TM custom neck. Please contact Simon for more info.

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 141xxx - $6850

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