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Another fantastic Mark VI has shown up at the shop! Original condition with 98+% lacquer remaining. The wear present includes some scratching on the front part of the bow, some scratching on the back of the tube, a little lacquer wear on the back of the bell and some lacquer wear on the octave, palm and side keys.  There are two tiny pings in the back of the bow by the Eb key and what appears to be the removal of small ping on the back of the bell and one on the under part of where the octave key hits the neck. These things are all minor, but we try to cover all the bases to describe things as best as possible!


The neck has a matching serial number and has never been pulled down. It's in exceptional condition. The horn was overhauled very well at Kessler & Son's music with Pisoni pro pads and the original Selmer resonators. YES, it is playing in fantastic condition and completely ready to go for a long time. This horn plays like an 8x,xxx with a fat powerful core than isn't overly bright. Tons of room to push on it, intonation is great, and response is fantastic. The new owner will not be sad!


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Selmer Mark VI Tenor 109xxx - SOLD

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