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PRICE: $5495.00


SN: 113063


The Selmer Mark VI sopranos are fantastic instruments with an extra overtone in the core sound that modern horns just don't have. This serial number is incredibly desirable and this horn was played for a long time by a phenomenal saxophone player. So needless to say, this is a player through and through! Original lacquer with about 85+% left. Has had the bell flair repaired, but it was done well. The octave thumb piece was modified and feels good. The top of the tube (under the cork) had a slight spit in the seam and was expertly repaired by Randy here at Tenor Madness. There are a couple of resolders, but that about sums it up as far as past repairs and damage. Overall this horn has led a great life and hasn't been abused. It is playing up and down, but due to the pad age and use, we'd recommend an overhaul in the near future. Although, you could do a setup and probably get a few more years out of what's here if you wanted. It comes with a custom Manning case, which is an incredible deal for a horn to come with! Contact Simon for more information.

Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone - 113xxx - $5495.00