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Price: $4495.00


SN: 60683


This is a one owner horn that will need an overhaul to play well. The pads are just too old to work and it's time! We are selling it as is to let the next person play and love this amazing instrument. The body was re-lacquered incredibly well. There is no buffing on the engraving. The job is one of the best we've seen. The body has no re-solders and has no major past repairs. There is scratching and minor wear on the lacquer, but overall it is structually a fantastic horn. The neck is original lacquer and has some lacquer fracturing and slight pull down, but nothing bad or that is structurally compromising. This can be corrected by any competent tech, or we can do it for you before it ships. Contact Randy for more information.

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 60xxx - $4495.00