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Price: $2995.00


SN: 100783


The Keilwerths from this era are simply fantastic horns and in my opinion some of the best playing of any ever made! The end of the Couf era wasn't too long ago and they had made some adjustments to the neck that all allowed for a fantastic playing tenor. This one is in very good condition with only minor cosmetic flaws. There is some light pings and small dents down on the bow and some light scratching present throughout, but the lacquer is about 98% still. The neck looks to have been sprayed over at some point for cosmetic reasons, but does not appear to have any damage or previous work done. The pads are original and still have some life left in them. The horn is playing up and down, but could definitely benefit from a professional setup and if you really wanted to take it to peak performance, an overhaul. Please contact Simon for more information.

Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxohone 100xxx - $2995.00