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SN: 211191


PRICE: $1595.00


This horn is in spectacular condition!!  It has almost no wear on it.  The case is even in pretty good shape for it's age!  The original nickel plating is at 98+% and only has some minor wear.  There are no re-solders and the only repair was some minor dent work on the bow.  The strap hook ring has some honest wear, but honestly this horn is almost a time capsul as the original pads are sitting in a bag in the case!  Someone pulled them out and put some white pads in with flat metal resonators.  The only unfortunate part is that they did not actually do the mechanical work necessary to make the horn play well at all so it will really need to be overhauled correctly.  The neck is original and only has one ping dent in it.  Overall this is one of the coolest Conns we've had in a while and when overhauled correctly, it is going to play GREAT!!!  Contact for more information.

Conn Chu Berry Alto Saxophone 211xxx - $1595.00