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NEW Tenor Madness Custom 500SL Tenor Saxophone
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NEW Tenor Madness Custom Alto Saxophone
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Gottsu Hibiki Raw Brass Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces
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Marc Jean Ligature
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Ishimori Winds Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone
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Keilwerth SX90R Straight Alto Saxophone
Serial#: 107xxx
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578xxx Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Saxophone
Serial#: 578xxx
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MACSAX FJ III metal tenor sax mouthpiece
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Latest News, What's Happening, and Hot Deals from Tenor Madness

Blowing Our Own Horn!

We received this from a customer today and just wanted to share. "I really like the Ishimori thumb hook on the SA80II, I'll be keeping it. Now that I've spent some time on the horn I can give you some feedback on it. The overhaul on my Series II is a solid success. It plays completely differently now and that's a good thing. There's so much more color and presence in the horn. The lighter spring tension is on point. It definitely plays the best it ever has since I bought it. The horn has now come alive. Another stellar overhaul by the Tenor Madness shop. Please relay my thanks to Randy for his time and efforts. My other horn, the Series I that was done by Thomas over a year ago is going strong. Not a single adjustment has been made to the horn since then. The set up is solid as a rock. You did amazing work, well done. The Tenor Madness tenor I bought in February of this year, what a fantastic horn! I'm having so much fun playing it and I love the reactions when I let other players experience the horn 1st hand. They can't believe how great this horn plays and feels. The dynamic range of the horn is impressive and the key work is such that the horn fits naturally in your hands. I can not thank you enough for what you do. My gratitude and best wishes to you all." Give us a call to find out what we can do to make YOUR horns play like these! 319-234-3561

Mouthpiece Madness!

Here's the latest on all the mouthpiece news at Tenor Madness. First, and foremost, we are proud to announce that Jimmy Jensen, who will receive his MA in Saxophone Performance from Wichita State in the spring will be joining the Tenor Madness crew after graduation. Jimmy will be able to answer questions, provide expert advise, and take care of all your custom mouthpiece restoration and refacing needs. Clarinet or saxophone, he's the guy to custom reface your current piece or one that has just never played. He is available 'on call' prior to that time by contacting him at jimmyjensen@tenormadness.com. Tenor Madness has become your 'one stop' shop for all things saxophone. Give us a call at 319-234-3561.

Alto Madness?!!

Here is a bit of exciting news for all you TM Custom tenor fans who keep asking when we will be putting out an alto. We have three prototypes in the shop right now, and we think they're amazing! And, it's not just us! Valued friend and customer Jim Romain from Drake University played the altos a few days ago and gave them (especially the gold plate alto with a classical copper neck) rave reviews. We would love to have any of you come to the shop and give us your opinion. Give us a call!

Authorized dealer

Saxophone Brands carried by Tenor Madness Tenor Madness is an authorized Selmer, Yanagisawa, Rampone & Cazzani, and Keilwerth dealer. Bring your instruments to us for professional attention. You can't go wrong here, we will treat you and your horn in a professional manner and we guarantee all of our work.

Call us today at (319)234-3561 to see how we can help you out. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did!